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Make Investing a Treat with These Tips


It’s October!

Fall is in full swing, which means it’s time for football, crunchy leaves, and the best apple cider you can get your hands on. 

October is also Halloween time, which can be both sweet and scary. Real estate investing is much like Halloween: it can certainly be a little frightening, but you learn quickly all the treats that are in store!

This month, choose “treat” (not trick) when investing in real estate. 

Here are some important tips to help you take the scare out of real estate investing:

Choose the Right Strategy 

There are several ways to be involved in real estate investing, and it’s crucial to choose the strategy that best suits your lifestyle and goals. Each strategy has unique implications that you must consider before investing. When deciding between strategies, you’ll need to determine your ultimate goal and what responsibilities you are ready to take on. For example, you could purchase a real estate property and collect a stream of income from the tenants. You may also opt to be heavily involved in the management of your property and in interacting with your tenants. 

Learn the Market 

Learn about the market for your chosen strategy. Some markets may better suit flipping a property, while others will be ideal for rental properties. Location is key for real estate investing, and you must be ready to chart out your target market thoroughly. 

Risk Factors 

If you’re not careful, the risks of real estate investing can turn into tricks you just weren’t ready for this scary season. Understanding risk factors ahead of time will help you anticipate and prepare for them. Learn about the risk factors of different investments, and determine your level of risk, and real estate won’t feel like such a bump in the night.

Know Your End Game

Knowing your end goal from the beginning will help you strategize accordingly. Based on your goal,  you can set up your investment the smartest way possible, and plan how to handle any risk factors that come up. Your exit strategy is part of your end game. For example, if you aim to renovate a property, you must have a detailed plan outlining what you need to accomplish––from start to finish.

Wrapping Up 

Just like a moonlit Halloween night, investing can be scary, but it can also be full of sweet treats. This season, take the time to plan out your investment strategy, market, risks, and end game. When you take the time to plan out your investment ahead of time, you can take out much of the scare. 

Happy Fall and happy investing!










One of the ‘pleasant’ dilemmas that my investor partners face when we cash out of a deal is what
to do with their PROFITS.

On one hand, it’s tempting to take the cash and buy a new car, boat, vacation, or other ‘doodad’
(as Robert Kiyosaki calls them in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

On the other hand, it usually makes a LOT more sense to use those profits to buy more income-
producing real estate.  That’s called “re-investment”.


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