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Looking for a way to make extra money over time? If you have the means to do so, investing is always a good idea– as long as you’re making smart investments. Making risky investments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can certainly be thrilling, and it’s definitely become somewhat of a fad in recent years; it seems like everyone and their mother has money in some sort of cryptocurrency at the moment. But you should think twice before putting a significant amount of your savings into cryptos, no matter how good of an idea it seems in the moment. That’s because it doesn’t have any tangible backing, among other reasons.

If you’re looking to make a more promising investment, real estate investments could be one great and much safer, more tangible option. If you’re not quite convinced yet, just put down the DogeCoin for a second and let us explain why cryptocurrency comes up short when compared to real estate. 

Cryptocurrency and its risks

Your first question might actually be what, exactly, cryptocurrency is and how the infamous process of investing in it works. Essentially, a cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that does not physically exist, but still holds worth. The value of cryptocurrency goes up and down based on how many people are purchasing it– it’s all about supply and demand. So, if you buy cryptocurrency at a low price, you may be able to sell it for more money once it becomes more valuable. The key word here is may.

One of the risks of cryptocurrency is that it’s extremely volatile. What seems like a good investment one day could be thousands of dollars wasted the next. And while most investments come with the risk of losing your money, cryptocurrency poses another unique risk due to its intangibility. Cryptocurrency isn’t backed up by any physical assets– it’s all electronic. That means it’s susceptible to glitches, errors, and hacking. 

Real estate investment and its benefits

Meanwhile, real estate is one highly tangible asset that offers a much safer investment– it definitely has a physical form to back it up! It’s a whole house! While the fact that property can’t be hacked like cryptocurrency can is a huge plus, real estate investments also offer tons of other benefits: great, steady cash flow, tax breaks and deductions, and steady appreciation in value. It also comes with competitive risk-adjustment returns: over the past 50 years, the average annual return has been about 11%. 

While real estate is a long-term investment, the overall return will be worth the wait. Overall, it offers long-term financial security and a nearly guaranteed great return. This, along with its tangibility, makes it a more secure option by a landslide when compared to cryptocurrencies.

So before you jump on the next big cryptocurrency bandwagon, really think about the risk you’re taking and ask yourself if that money could be better spent on real estate. Sometimes it’s best to play the long game. Happy investing!


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