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Governments can have a profound effect on the state of the real estate market. Policies, subsidies, and infrastructure projects will significantly influence the current and future prices of properties in an area. Learn more about why your research should include an in-depth analysis of government influences.

Zoning Regulations and Building Codes

Governments have been regulating land use for centuries, with zoning regulations and building codes undergoing frequent changes. Local governments create their own building codes, with requirements varying substantially between areas.

Consider the surrounding properties and ensure your property is zoned for the area’s intended use. For example, a residential property next to a commercial zone will have less value than a residential property in a residential area.

Regardless, homes that are up to code are generally more expensive than ones that need repairs or remodeling. When considering a property that needs work, understanding the extra costs should factor into your decision.

Local Goods and Services

Government-provided goods and services such as fire protection, law enforcement, water sanitation, schools, public transport, and roads make an area more attractive and drive prices upwards.

Locating an area where the government may be planning significant upgrades could help a savvy investor score a lower-priced property that will be significantly more appealing after the planned upgrades are complete.

Government regulations and services can impact the long-term growth prospects of an area. Zoning regulations and building codes often enforce restrictions that prevent investors from doing what they need with a property, such as developing a high-density living area. Every analysis must include the costs for the investor to comply with the local regulations and building codes. 

Investors must also consider the property taxes and the level of government investment in public goods and services. These government-run projects can significantly influence rental prices and the future growth potential of the property, such as market rents, vacancy rates, population, income growth prospects, and overall property values.

Government Subsidies

Subsidies related to property markets provided by the government are often contentious issues. While the government’s goal is to stimulate the economy and make new houses more affordable to more people, you cannot ignore the influence a sudden influx of new buyers will have on house prices. Significant tax deductions and subsidies put more air into a housing bubble until it has the opposite effect as house prices rise to even harder to reach heights. 

Any property investment requires careful analysis, and it’s often challenging to navigate the government’s intentions or even trust they know what they are doing in the case of subsidies. However, opportunities abound in any market; you just need to know how to find them. If you would like to get into the property market, but would rather avoid costly mistakes, talk to investment professionals immersed in the property market every day. The best advice will help you buy the right property at the right price so that you can invest with confidence. 


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