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Investing in a mutual fund might seem logical. It’s an opportunity to let a seasoned investor decide where your money goes, and typically, the investments made by a mutual fund are fairly diverse. That is to say, they fall into a variety of markets, and as such you can feel protected. If one market doesn’t pan out, perhaps one of the other ones will.

A lot of experts say that diversification in your investment portfolio is a good thing, and to a certain extent, they’re right. Investing in, say, only one stock, is a bit of a dangerous move, because what if that stock crashes? But diversification can also be very dangerous.

If you invest in a mutual fund that invests in a hundred different companies, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve reached optimal diversification. A lot of mutual funds invest specifically in a single industry, which means that you still face many of the same problems you would if you only invested in a single company. And what about mutual funds that invest in multiple industries?

At that point, you run into a problem of overdiversification, which is sometimes, adorably, called “diworsification”.

If your money is in a million different companies, keeping track of how all those companies are doing is a nightmare. Another problem is that investing in a lot of companies means having to own a lot of stocks in each of them, meaning that you have to put in quite a bit of cash up front. And perhaps one of the biggest issues with overdiversification is the fact that having your cash scattered in all directions means that even if one stock is performing well, you still might not make money after you account for how another market is doing.

Now let’s think about another investment: real estate. It might seem on the surface that real estate is an investment inherently lacking diversity, but the truth is, there are all kinds of real estate. You can invest in single family homes, multi-family dwellings, or office properties. You can invest in different parts of your city, or even in other cities. There are plenty of ways to have diverse real estate investments, and yet it would be really difficult to run into a problem of overdiversification, because it’s all real estate.

Real estate is a reliable, steady investment. Everyone needs it, and so it’s not going anywhere. This is just one of the many reasons real estate could be the right investment choice for you.


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Who am I? I am a Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur who happens to be a physician. I have chosen this path after understanding very well the in’s & out’s of above-average return on investment (ROI), backed by a solid asset, Real Estate. I have been actively investing in real estate in the western Massachusetts area for a number of years. My mission is to provide quality housing for quality tenants, while at the same time providing an above-average return on investment (R.O.I) for our investor partners. It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

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